The Lao Spirit Resort Team thanks all their visitors for the positive ratings on various internet travel portals like or This confirms us in our work and ideas and motivates us to improve and develop new ideas around the resort.

Management Projects 
We thorougly train young people without formal schooling from the surrounding villages in various fields. Chiefly in the areas of cleaning, room and laundry care, garden planting and maintenance, restaurant service, cooking, environmental awareness, waste separation and recycling, dealing with flora and fauna of their environment, hygiene, communication, English and many more. Some of them acquired sound technical skills. Others studied the traditional healing massage Nuad Boran and now practice it successfully. A great deal of patience, perseverance, enthusiasm, flexibility, loyalty and social commitment is an important prerequisite for successful cooperation. Another planned project is to provide a piece of fertile land to a farmer's family for the sustainable cultivation of various vegetables. In exchange, a small portion of the harvest is used in our restaurant.

The new reception area, a historic building, was completed and put into operation in late 2010. The building, which served as a farm building and reception prior to the renovation, is now used as the residence of our employees. The historic building on the river has been completely renovated, including a new bathroom, and now serves the incumbent management as living space. A sixth bungalow was completed in 2013, followed by two more in 2014.