Our goal is the creation of an exceptional experience between Laotian culture and untouched jungle.

Special attention has been paid to establish and maintain a good relationship with the nearby villages
and tribes. Apart from the preservation of old Laotion architecture the main philosophy is to invite the local people to take part in an environmentally friendly tourism project. Education in different departments and the opportunity to unfold their personal talents,
as well as teaching them the sustainable use of natural resources, is the center of our work.

You can a list of our rather quite complex participations in improving the social structures at the menu item Management Projects in "News".

The economic development in Luang Prabang is responsible for influencing the local people and their expectations for their homes and housing. Unfortunately old traditional wooden houses are being replaced by modern brick buildings with metal roofs. The preservation of these little treasures of old Laotion architecture is one part of the Lao Spirit philosophy. We have already purchased four large houses. The houses were carefully disassembled and rebuilt by experienced Laotian craftsmen on the Lao Spirit property. This is a way to give these wonderful antique, wooden houses a solid future.
The center of the resort consists of four restored 100 year old Laotian-French style buildings. These are the restaurant, reception, staffhouse and a former old salary house currently used by the management.

The resort is located in an unique landscape on the banks of Nam Khan River, about 13 km from Luang Prabang. Embedded in jungle and mountain back- ground, the resort offers an ideal oasis outside of Luang Prabang for nature lovers if peace and quietness is required.

The idyllic landscape is ideal for hikes and bicycle excursions. Elephants tours to the nearby Tad Se Waterfall, canoe trips on the Nam Khan river and day trips to the ancient Capital Luang Prabang can be arranged. Transfer to the resort is available.